Colin Drake, iOS Developer

Email: Phone: 937-903-8410
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I am an Austin-based, iOS software engineer that enjoys working on well crafted apps with a focus on good UX and a modern technology stack. I am most passionate about Swift adoption, functional programming, automated testing, blogging, and contributing to open source.



Software Engineer, Current, Austin, TX

Dynamit Technologies

Software Engineer, May 2013 – May 2016, Columbus, OH

As a web-turned-iOS developer at Dynamit, I built a multitude of websites and five iOS apps for our clients ranging from a complex white-labeled, turn-key iOS plugin with massive reach to a small, but visually intensive, enterprise news reader app. Three of the apps, Thorntons Refreshing Rewards, NJASAP and Panda Express, are distributed publicly via the Apple App Store. Additionally, I helped lead the introduction of NodeJS backend services into our team with the development of a scalable mobile app backend API deployed on AWS.

Open Source/Personal Projects

As a strong believer in open source and sharing knowledge, I believe in giving back to the development community at large. I maintain a few open source projects, including Referee and vim-carthage. I also publish articles about Swift and software engineering on my personal blog, and have had articles shared by iOS Dev Weekly, This Week in Swift, and Ruby Weekly, among others.

Cisco Systems

Software Engineering Intern, Summer – Winter 2012, San Jose, CA and Remote

As an intern at Cisco, I worked to improve a Linux-based simulation program used to perform large-scale load testing on cable modems. As a result, I gained deeper knowledge of C and Linux, various IETF RFCs, Agile, and was able to extend the simulation program with numerous new features and speed improvements.


Summer of Code Developer, Summer 2011, Remote

I was selected to be a participant in the Google Summer of Code for Summer 2011, where I designed and implemented an open source file system driver for Intel's Tianocore project over the course of a summer.

Office of the CIO, The Ohio State University

Student Developer, 2010 – 2013, Columbus, OH

I built a variety of internal web applications for the university, from a project management suite to an interactive orgchart. As a student, I introduced and helped lead the adoption of Python/Django, MongoDB, and Redis to our previously PHP-based team. Finally, I designed and implemented both iOS and Android apps, and a Ruby backend, for an app idea that helped sports broadcasters at Ohio Stadium diagnose live technical issues via barcode scanning.

Reusable Software Research Group, The Ohio State University

Student Developer, Summer 2010, Columbus, OH

I was part of a two-student team that designed, architected, and built a private social networking web application using Python and Django to help researchers at Microsoft, Clemson, and Ohio State in the formal software verification field collaborate and share research.


B.S. Computer Science & Engineering, Class of 2013

Proficiencies and Interests

Languages/Platforms: Swift, Objective-C, CocoaTouch, Ruby, Python, Go, NodeJS, HTML/CSS.
Interests: Compilers, API contracts/schemas, security/privacy, Haskell, music technology.