lately about

What I've been up to lately…

Coding: My most recent open source project, mouse, is a clone of Laurie Spiegel's algorithmic computer music system MUSIC MOUSE for Monome Norns.

I've also built a clone of Rob Hordijk's Blippoo Box and a random granulator called twine.

Recording: My latest album, made with field recordings, Ableton Operator, and open source music making tools for Monome Norns.

More recording: Short piece practicing a fade-in/fade-out editing flow. Features a few layers from a Make Noise Shared System and Moog Grandmother processed by Ableton devices.

Experimental audio from a granular spell I was having.

Art: Tracing through Perlin Noise fields.

More art: revealer sketch with p5js.

Listening: LTJ Bukem - "Intellijent Jungle" (1996).